The range of the system is scalable. Up to 25 Ambits may be used (connected by grid poles for proper spacing), with each creating an approximate 8’ radius performance area, for a total of performance area of approximately 2000 sq. feet (188 sq. m). 

Although we generally use 8’ (2.44m) as an approximate radius per Ambit, they can achieve up to a 13’ (3.66m) range in ideal situations where magnetic interference is minimal and the depth of field isn’t too shallow.

Our simplest setup, using an Ambit mounted to the camera, has an approximate range of 8' (2.44m) in front of the camera (again up to 13' (3.66m) in ideal situations) and is perfect for “run & gun” scenarios.

Two Ambits on a grid pole can be mounted above, creating performance area of approximately 376 sq. feet (35 sq. m). They can also be positioned to the side on a c-stand, creating a performance area of approximately 8’ in front of the Ambits x 24’ wide, or carried by an operator for a mobile performance area of 8’ in front of the Ambits x 24’ wide.

An infinite amount of fixed focal distances, which have no relevance to the performance area, can also be stored and recalled at any time. Think of these as the digital equivalent of focus marks drawn on a focus wheel with a dry erase marker.